Saturday, 24 July 2010

Wat a day...

Ya Allah !!! just wat a day.. 2 unfortunate thing happen to me in de same day!!!
tomorrow i will back to my campus.. So, I thought dat today will be a good day for me to go shopping d latest books in my favourite bookstore : Prai Megamall Popular.
Well, seem dat i ady get my KPTM (thanks gov. :>) allowance, so i decided to buy a gift to my mum n dad n my 14 year-old brother ( i ady bought my 2 more brother a gift b4..)
Dis is where the first unfortunate occurrence happen : I put in my BANK ISLAM card thru d MAYBANK ATM, (i'll always check my account balance b4 i withdraw any cash!) so, wen d machine asked me whether i want to continue , n i press NO. The card suppose to come out , but unfortunately , it's NOT!! I was damly panic dat time, indescribable, really dont know wat to do. I dont have any xperience about dis b4...
So, i quickly asked de customer care, n day said :" oo.. harap cik dapat bertenang, ini adalah kes ke-6 yg dlaporkan hari ini.." Wen I heard dis. i just like 'wat?' n he asked me 2 calm down, how can i calm down wen my card is stuck inside dat machine??? but wen i heard he said 'dis is de 6th case happen 2day' well, his 'calm down' is acceptable.
I consider as the 'TIGER' ATM really hungry till it 'swallow' my bank card. But I wonder wat kind of hungry it is? Anyway, I just hope dat i can get my card sooner. I still need to pay my PRELAW club shirt n jacket ( i guess? :>) INSYALLAH..
N here come the second case :
I was in de bookstore ( thanks god my dad spare me wif his debit card b4 he let me out of de car :>) , looked 4 the novel 'VAMPIRE DIARIES', n suddenly I saw some1 dat I never want to meet ever : MY HIGH SCHOOL MAMARAZI.
Im just pretend dat i doesnt see her n i try my best to hide at d children book section.
Unfortunately, she still can saw me. She looks really wow!! Her dress can made guys turn to her twice wen she past thru them. Watever, she's really beautiful in her makeup n damly sexy if compare to me. Im just wear a pair of RM3 (each meter n mine is 4m!) baju kurung n a pair of outdated Crocodile sandal. So what??
She wif her boyfriend n im alone.. She smile at me ( i hope it sincere) , i smile back, n i thought it's done.
But who know, she come closer to me n introduce her boyfriend to me. Still acceptable.
Then she asked me whether im still single or not, n i confidently replied 'YES ! im happy with dat status' (it is?)
Guest wat she said ? " How come u still single Sarah? im ady changed 3 boyfriends in dis 2 month!!" So wat??? Hell!! wat de #$%@ ?! Datz is you ok? not me!! im de loyal type!!!
His boyfriend is proudly holding his girlfriend waist. He smile 2 me wit 'd' type of smile..
Urghhhh!!! Act, im not in a good mood since earlier, so she play wif me absolutely at d wrong time!! sorry honey!!
Im answered back wif de world's most sarcastic sentence dat i never talk to any1 b4 dis..
im promise myself dis is de 1st n d last time i will use dis sentence.
With a smile n by using most calm voice i answered her : "I dont mind at all. as long as i doesnt looked CHEAP like u.. " n im just walk away..
I dont know wat her reaction, i dont care at all!!! Serve her rite.. Sure i feel a little bit uneasy by using dat kind of word, but it leave me no choice, n she so annoying, since in high school!!
A friend of mine told me dat, i ady help them revenge by saying dat to her, cause she so busy body of our personal matter since we r in school.. I guess i am.. But it just not me to do dis revenge thing.. just purposeless said cause dat time im very, very .. better dont tell. Even i dont like myself in dat situation!!
Well dis is wat so called 'life'..