Saturday, 21 August 2010

11th day of fasting..

Askum.. 1st time time after 10th day of fasting, I miss my sahur. Not only me, but the whole room didn't woke up for sahur. Maybe too tired doing revision until midnight last night.
Talk about revision, tomorrow(22 August) I have a test, a MTC012 test. Like d old me, I haven't do nothing yet.. Huh, wat a lazy bunch I am. I think, actually I doesn't change at all. Wake up Sarah, u almost 18 ady, still act like kids. I really, really lazy..
I think a family of lazy worm (懒惰虫) huv grow in body, so datz y Im being too lazy to do anything.. Hahahaha
2 more weeks n I'll b with my family again 4 celebrating d eid.
N in dat 2 weeks, there a lot of thing need to b done! CSC Assignment + test , MTC 012 test, n bla bla bla..
Sometime, I think university life is harder then school life, at least u no need to walk 4 de whole day in school, but u need to walk n walk 4 almost day in university. Unfortunately,my body figure still de same although I always walk n walk ...
Never mind, as long as I'm happy! :>
Sketch finally cum to d end. My group ia d last group present, our sketch tittle is 'Freaky Friendship'.. All scrip and power point done by me. But still.. huh..
Just now, I read my friend post in FB. She asked : What is woman motif by being sexy?"
The question quite interesting to me. Well, im my opinion, I think...
Some woman wear sexy because day liked it, not because day want to attract d guy, but they liked it.Is their interest. Or mayb they want to try something new in fashion.
Although most of the woman wear sexy for purpose to attract de guys, but I think its ok wat. Who asked de guys are too stupid to b attracted by those sexy woman.
That's all.. Very hungry now, my mind cant produce anymore idea to be write on, and if it doesn't, my energy will not allow me to write anymore. Bcause the energy should b keep for 'Bazar Ramadhan'.. hehehe 88

Monday, 16 August 2010

Ramadhan 1431 Hijrah..

Askum.. Ramadhan finally come.. In Kedah, there is a holiday for first Ramadhan, so, I took this chance to go back to my home town in Penang. Thanks to Kedah's government, so once again I can celebrate first Ramadhan with my family.
My first sahur, I ate white rice+telur mata kerbau(半成熟噢!my FAVOURITE!!)+cili kering goreng. Then I huve Nasi Tomato for my first buka puasa.
My second sahur , I ate Nasi Tomato while I had ChickEN rIce 4 my buka puasa.
My third sahur, I had Chicken Rice 4 buka puasa n Mee Bandung 4 buka puasa.
My fourth sahur, I huv white rice and Chicken rice Chicken 4 my sahur. Unfortunately, my dad brought us dine out for buka puasa, because he sending me back. But its alrite, at least I had 3 days clean of mum's cook. Mum's cook always the BEST!!! I never regrad i bcum fat bcause of my mum's cook.
For the fifth sahur. I ady back to my hostel, so, I had coco-crunch with milk. I didnt finish it, donno why, suddenly I felt I want vomit. N for my buka puasa, I went to Bazaar Ramadhan in front of my hostel,quite lots of dish I bought. I bought Chicken Rice=sugar cane juice= RM1 fish ball+BBQ Hot dog and chicken ball (if im not mistaken, but it is not delicious at all!!).I also ady buy food for my tomorrow sahur -white rice-omelette-spicy fish.
Thats all.. Once again, How I miss my muum's cook very very much!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010


Never in my mind want to betray any body, even 4 de people dat always hate me, never.
but I dont know dat world never b fair, sometime people will b misunderstand about your kindness.
Last night, I mean Wed nite, a bf of my friend chat wif me via fb. He said he really love his gf, but donno how to show. I dont huv any sugestion seen dat i never involve in any relationship. He also told me dat her gf want to break wif him bcause of his ex-gf. (Complicated right? so datz y inever want to couple!)
so, thurs nite, i saw my friend on fb n i huv a 5 minuet chat wif her.
I ask her really u want to break up? It is bcause of your bf ex girl? That's all, n she even doesnt reply me back.
N, suddenly, her bf poke me a chat also via fb n asked me' wat u told her?' 'tell me de truth!!' Oh my God!!!
I kind of haaa? I dindt tell her anything seriously.. I even dont mentioned her boyfriend name at all. Alrite.. I got it. I'M IN THE BIG BIG TROUBLE NOW!! OMG!!!
wat I suppose to do? I'm sick. Really Sick.
I kind like want to shout " Can u guys not involve me in yours guy thing???"
"I KNOW NOTHING!!!!" Huh.. Wat the hell..
But is alrite.. Allah know me better than I know myself.
If I'm, I will consider it as a lesson. But If I truth, Allah will show it.

Friday, 6 August 2010

PIKOM PC Fair 2010/08/06

Askum.. Today I went to PC Fair wif my best pals. They are Yazid, Alan n a new guy dat i just recognized called Fairus. I wonder his name end wif 'S' or 'Z'. We went out from campus at 3. 1st we went to de xpress bus station 2 buy bus ticket. Den we went straight to Sungai Petani Village Mall. 1st time i saw many people at village mall, normally there is no many people there.
Village Mall PC Fair doesnt huv many booth like PISA one. But it's alrite, at least I no need to think many time to made dcsion. I bought a grey color of laptop bagpack, it cost RM38. Den I I had my lunch (lunch at 4pm?) at Pizza Hut, but neither I nor Yazid ate Pizza. We ordered 4 a seafood lagsania (Y) , a Aromatic Thai Spaghetti , 2 mushroom soup , a glass of Tropicana Orange n a glass of Citrus Iced Tea.
The service is very bad!! We need about an hour to get our mushroom soup, n we need to press 7 time of Bill button to get our bill.. Maybe day dont have enough crew I guess. But there is not many costomers that time.. huh.. 4get bout it.
After that we went to K-Box.. hahaha Time to show my talent!! hahaha
But my voice is... Better dont tell or I will hurt myself..><
It's around 7 wen Alan n Fairus ady out from cinema. Den, 4 of us wen to FOS. Yazid finally found his 'soulmate'-a white color wif long slit shirt. After dat, we went to game house. I played basketball n raced car wif Yazid. I won both games!!!
We had our dinner at Rasa Mas in de Tesco. We ate Nasi Ayam. Yazid dindt eat, he is vegetarian, but he 'stole' a piece of tofu n a piece of fishcake of ours.
It's rain cat n dog dat time.
Around 9, we called cab, den went 'home'...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hahahaha.. finally i huv my own laptop. Well, it is just a normal laptop , not too xpensive @ sophisticate , but i satisfied with it. Thank government 4 d allowance. If not because of the allowance, i cant effort to by dis lappy. n thanks to my mum n dad, 4 the sponsor. without u two, i also may not use dis lappy rite now. thank you very2 much!!! Finish bout lappy.
Well, last Saturday, I went shopping with my bro. wat it so special is, dis is the 1st time im going out wif my youngest bro (aizat-2 year old). n we get there by bus. quite challenging for me to take care 4 a kid without parents. but, im success !! we went to his favourite shop, Popular, i bought him few books dat he choose by his own. n i also treat him a meal. n know what, a 2 year old kids choose a pizza hut for his dinner..
wah.. thanks got.. i ady made me a new bankcard(previous one had 'swallow' by d maybank atm).. 2 person, a dinner , n it cost RM46 include the tax. huh...
bui, its ok la.. not every time i treat him.. so, never mind la..
ok. this week, i huv about 3 test i guest.
ady done 4 english (de question is not suitable 4 my IQ. cause my IQ is just about 0.001 something.. hehehe..) the law subject also ady done ( i swear it is really2 tough!!!) i also ady get back my previous law subject test result..
Honestly, im quite shock wen i saw my result. i thought i would failed, but thanks to Allah, He help me. I got more than i could imagine. How could u hope u will past your test wen u fall asleep in d exam hall? eventhough u fall asleep purposeless!!) More than 20 person failed 4 de subject in my class, thanks god im not de 'lucky' one.. hehehe
well. i had a quite hard time last week.. but thanks god, it ady gone. i hope it will gone 4ever..