Wednesday, 20 April 2011

first brew tea


Saya totally sangat sibuk skrg, cause I'm helping my brother typing his Geografi Folio..

However, someting unexpected happen, so, 我不可不写。。
我的二弟泡茶给我喝啊!!!! It is true!!! I my self still can believe dis thing happen.. First time he brew tea for me!!! N he add with ice cube! Just my taste!! N yes, 糖的数量也刚刚好,不甜也不丹。。
Aigoooo.. Im really in touch!!!

他从来都没泡过水给谁。。。。 啊。。 so sweet.. thanks bro!! I love u!!^^

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alhamdulilah.. Just my LUcK!! ;>


Before I start, Alhamdulilah, praise to Allah. I have two good news today.. What r day? Wait n read........;p

O, last night, I donno y, I feel very stress.. Suddenly, a good friend of mine sent me a msg sound like dis =

" Stressed 《压力》 和 Desserts 《甜品》 有著很微妙的关系, Stressed 倒写就是Desserts。所以压力就是甜品,只要你懂得换个角度来看它,人生有许多压力挫折,倒转来念,换个角度看,它也就是我们生命中的甜品。只要好好享受噢
 :-* "

他也有说到, 太多甜品也不好噢!回带来糖尿病!^^

Whatever it is, Thanks 啊宏! Your msg just make me feel a relief!^^

So, the first good news is I pass my exam with dean list for dis time.. I'm really happy.. I almost could believe the result is mine! I looked at it many time! because last sem, my result not so good, just 3 above only.. Although, well, my dis time result just consider as average, but I still glad n Thanks to Allah for give another chance . N I also want to thanks my family especially my mum dat always pray 4 me, dad n bros. n Too, my LECTURERS.. thanks 4 their hard work teaching me n me friends... N thanks too all my friends dat always support me!!!!^^

I really shock n almost cant believe that is my result, especially for
the library n p psychology h subjects!

Second is, I get a Permanent Part Time Job! Hehehehehe.. Because before this, it is hard for me to find a place dat can hired a part time worker like me, n if I found 1, I dont have transport to go there.. So, after searching and searching, I finally found 1 dis morning, not too far, just in my neighborhood area. A coffee factory, the salary not too high since it is just a small factory/.I work as a clerk, 5 n a half days a week.. Not too bad.. I gonna start my new work tomorrow, Wish me luck!!!

Huuuuuhhhh.. wat else haa? I think no more ady.. Just cant wait for my new work tomorrow.. Wish me all the best! ;)