Monday, 13 June 2011

Thank You Allah!!!!

Askum!!! Alhamdulilah.. So far everything gone well for me, n not only for me, but for my friends too!!!
Only Allah knows how excited I’m right now.  Finally, I get BAND 4 for my MUET. Maybe others will say, is not a big deal, no need to show off la.. But for me, is like a heaven had fall for me! I took the exam for second time, n only dis time I reach my target!!!

I’m so happy, because at last, I can fulfill my parent n me self dream. For sure that was not only dream they had for me! = =  They got a loooooooots more.. U know.. Parents…^^ Anyways, One HUGE stone ady move out from my mind, n now my target is get 3 above for my CGPA n continue a degree that suite with my qualification.. InsyaAllah..

Although many of us get a satisfied band, however there still some of us that haven’t get a satisfied band. I know their feeling, I’ve been thru it.. Very painful, wen u saw your friend got a good result than u. But, it is fate.. All these sort of government examination is something that we can predict. It is full of surprise, but if u works really hard upon it, Allah will not take your hard work as a waste, HE will repay u someday, only time would be matter.

N too, what make me over excited is all my roommates get the same band with me! Meaning that, if Allah willing, we can continue our degree in the same place! Wouldn’t it was a good news?

That’s all for now, once again, Syukur Alhamdulilah. ^^