Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013 =D

This is my very first time, celebrate NEW YEAR in Shah Alam. Far far away from my hometownnnnn…

In less than half an hour, all creatures in the world would go through a whole new year of 2013. With all memories created in 2012, no matter it is bad or good one, they all already been our past tense, and that is a FACT. For right now, maybe some, no, suppose to be--> major of us still struggle for final exam, maybe some of our junior brother and sister are excited with their new bag, uniform and shoe, or maybe some of us are laying down on a red luxury sofa, in front of their TV, near the window, with charcoal mask stabled on the face, counting down for the new year firework to be release.

All these might be our present tense. Future tense? No one knows, although there’s a lot of planning for tomorrow activities. One of it, maybe having dinner with the love one tomorrow nite? Or maybe someone suddenly remember about his grilled fish and thinking to take it from his girlfriend, (hopefully his fish still there ^^) Or maybe a particular person like me would just like sleep for the whole day. ^^ No matter what the planning is, hopefully every one of us can proceed with the entire ready-made plan.

As for me, this year, can be considered as one of my most failure year. My economic condition is not so stabled; my health is suddenly lame down, my studied is a miserable, emm.. what else… N ya, I just had my 20th in 16 days and now I’m already step in in the year of my 21th.. haih.. Blessing in disguise, all these things that I’ve been through, actually had reveal many of unpredictable situation that I never figure out before. After all, not every bad thing is bad. I’ve learn a lot. Thanks for those people who always with me, especially in my worst.

I am far away from my home, my mom and dad, far far away from that warmed and charmed hug. However, Allah has sent me few of his ‘mankind angles’ to raise me up when I was down. After know all the truth of me, all the bad side of me, but still there when I need them. I’m touched. After all the sins that I have made, Allah still be good to me. SyukurAlhamdulilah. Thanks my dear friends.. May Allah bless u guys =D

I don’t have any particular wish or hope, but I pray to Allah may all my family and friends new year’s wishes be fulfilled. I also want to apologize for any single mistakes that I’ve done through this year.

Till then, Happy New Year 2013, may this year bring you guys 1001 of happiness, good health and success.