Tuesday, 19 October 2010


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...( R u crazy?) Well sort of!
First of all, before I forget Assalamualaikum...
Ok, today I'm sitting for my first MUET PAPER= Speaking test..
Huh.. Admit: Sarah start to feel nervous! Yes she's nervous ! Y: Because she woke up at 5am, and rush to Merbok from Penang and she even have the chance to breakfast!
So wen she's hungry n sleepy. surely she will be absolutely NERVOUS!!!!
But.. I still want to thanks my team, Candidates A,C and D for support my opinion, and agree with my view!
Honestly, I'm not really satisfied with my performance today, but InsyaAllah, I will do my best for the next three paper next month!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

About her...

Hehehe.. I'm quite free today.. So, I will like to write a little para about my lecturers in university for the first sem!

Ok, I'm in UiTM Merbok, doing my Foundation of Law for 3 semester. Well. I'm quite nervous when first step in the university. Where I'm going to study now, where I'm going to live now, who I'm going to be friend and what I'm going tu study is totally different from my actual life. I never be in a huge Malay society before this, furthermore my Malay is quite rubbish, even my family sometimes will laugh at me when I talked in Malay. I always pray to Allah for give me strength to handle this. 0 fear!

So, now I an university student and I quite satisfied about my new life. I have many good friends here that willing to help me so far, good lecturers and good facility too..

Talk about subjects that I had take, here the list :
  1. BEL 120 - Consolading English
  2. BEL 130 - English Communication
  3. MTC 012 - Introducing to Law 1
  4. MTC 016 - Malaysia's Politics and Government
  5. CSC 134 - Computer Science
Although there just 5 subjects is compare with 13 subjects in Secondary year, but believe me, this 5 are more tougher than the 13!!!

Now let me introduce my lecturers!

Mdm. Azlin Rosli
She is my CSC 134 lecturer. Actually at first, I don't really understand what is the relation between this subject with my course! Then, after I l have learned this subject, then I know what is the relation between this two subject! This subject have divide into two part. First is Theory, Second is Practical. I don't have my practical lecture picture. We call her Ms G. Mdm Azlin is responsible for Theory. Honestly, this subject help me a lot, especially when I want to buy meself a lappy! While practical have improve my understanding about Microsoft and its multiple used according to every version. As the one who will practice the use of law in future, I thing we should have many information from various field, so, people can't easily condemn us! Am I right?

Ms. Salmah Roslim
This is my MTC 016 lecturer. Isn't she cute? HOHOHO, honestly I have no chance to sleep at all in her class. Besides that, she is also a psychology lecture in sem 2. Although she looks a little bit fierce, but actually she is quite a sociably person! She is very strict in teaching and marking paper too.. So, you better watch out when doing her assignment or test paper. Otherwise don't dream to get credit in her subject!

Mdm Rohayati Hussin
She is my MTC 012 lecturer. She is so tiny, it's hard to believe that she's already married. Although she looked like that, but she is very serious in teaching. No mercy!
So far, I really work hard in her subject although I have a really big problem in memorise all the dead scholar view. But I love to learn the 'kids' of law. Eg: Law as morality,justice,equality,etc.
I really can't memorise well the scholar view as friend does.
The only scholar view I remember is: Hari Chand
= " Without equality, people will not be fraternity"

Ms Faten Najwa Zamani
This is my BEL 130 lecturer. She just graduated from UiTM Shah Alam in TESL Degree and haven't convo yet. If I not mistaken, she just 5 years old than us. It is almost more than 1 month and a half we don't have BEL 130 lecturer until she suddenly 'appear' as our lecturer. She is really fun lecturer, she's kind, happy-go-lucky and talkative too! I like her big eye when she's pointed at us! Her subject is very interesting . We need to do a forum, a sketch as her assignment. Sometimes, we also have chance to watch movie too!! Penelope and The Chorincle of Spiderwick! And she talked like a train too!!! :>

The Chronicle of Spiderwick / Penelope

Ms Nor Afni Yusuff

She is me BEL 120 lecturer. She is the first lecturer that attend our class. It is very happening in her class. Besides teaching us, she also share many external information with us, and it is very useful for me. In her class, we also have the chance to watch movie, but cartoon one. Such as Finding Nemo and my favourite one, Beauty and the Beast.
She is very cool, kind, and happy-go-lucky. But she also quite sensitive too. She is so sweet, she have a very natural beauty. I like to talk with her, she always polish up my English speaking!

Beauty and the Beast / Finding Nemo

Finish about my lecturers. I love them very much! Thank you for teaching me!!! You are so great!!!

Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, October, 2010

Hola! I'm just finish watching Japanese Grand Prix. Wow! So cool! Sebastian Vettle from RBR Renault make it one more time! Glückwunsch!!

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber annihilated their opposition in Sunday morning’s delayed qualifying session for the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, their stunning pace through the Esses in the first sector giving them a conclusive advantage over opposition that proved very closely matched.

Vettel lapped in 1m 30.785s to set himself up for a repeat of his success here last year, but Webber got very close on his final run with 1m 30.853s. Behind them, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton more than made up for Friday’s gaffe with a brilliant run to 1m 31.169s, as Renault’s Robert Kubica bounced into contention in fourth place on 1m 31.231s to see off Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso (1m 31.352s) and McLaren’s Jenson Button (1m 31.378s).

Button was the only top-ten runner to opt for the harder, prime tyre for Q3 (and hence the start of the race). The Williams drivers showed great pace all through qualifying, but in the end they had to be happy with eighth and ninth fastest times as Nico Rosberg shoved his Mercedes into seventh with 1m 31.494s. Rubens Barrichello just aced Nico Hulkenberg, with 1m 31.535s to 1m 31.559s, as Mercedes GP’s Michael Schumacher brought up the rear on 1m 31.846s.

Hamilton, however, drops to eighth because of Sunday’s gearbox change, leaving the top 10 as: Vettel and Webber; Kubica and Alonso; Button and Rosberg; Barrichello and Hamilton; Hulkenberg and Schumacher. As Vettel continued to set the pace with 1m 31.184s, the big news of Q2 was Michael Schumacher improving right at the end to make Q3 and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa failing to get through.

To make things worse, the Brazilian wasn’t even the fastest faller. That was his old BMW Sauber team mate Nick Heidfeld, who tucked up local hero Kamui Kobayashi. The German lapped in 1m 32.187s for 11th, ahead of the Brazilian on 1m 32.321s, Renault’s Vitaly Petrov on 1m 32.422s and then Kobayashi on 1m 32.427s. Adrian Sutil was 15th in his Force €ndia on 1m 32.659s, ahead of Jaime Alguersuari’s Toro Rosso on 1m 33.071s and Vitantonio Liuzzi’s Force €ndia on 1m 33.154s. Sebastien Buemi’s Toro Rosso was the first car to fail to make it through Q1, which began with sufficient damp patches to warrant initial runs on intermediate Bridgestones before slicks became the order of the day.

As Vettel set the pace with 1m 32.035s from Hulkenberg on 1m 32.211s and Rosberg on 1m 32.238s, the Swiss lapped in 1m 33.568s, then came the Lotuses of Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen on 1m 35.346s and 1m 35.464s and the Virgins of Lucas di Grassi and Timo Glock on 1m 36.265s and 1m 36.332s. At the back, Bruno Senna lapped his HRT in 1m 37.270s to head team mate Sakon Yamamoto on 1m 37.365s.

Here is the Top 10 for this season:
  1. S. Vettle ~ RBR- Renault
  2. M. Webber~ RBR- Renault
  3. L. Hamilton~ McLaren Mercedes
  4. R. Kubica~ Renault
  5. F. Alonso~ Ferrari
  6. J. Button~ McLaren Mercedes
  7. N.Rosberg~ Mercedes GP
  8. R. Barrichello~ William- Cosworth
  9. N. Hulkenberg ~William- Cosworth
  10. M. Schumacher ~Mercedes GP

Well, for my own personal view this season result is predictable. Although I was quite shock R. Kubica precede F. Alonso, but in racing, everything can be, nothing impossible. Am I right?
I hope one day I can be listed as one of the world's racer.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Hola! Me gustaría presentarles a mis amigos más cercanos en la universidad. Ellos son mis companeros de cuarto.
How's my spanish? Hehe.. What I'm said is, I gonna introduce to u all my 'closer' friends at university. They are also my roomate!!

This is de pic dat we take at de last day sem1.

Isn't they cute ??? Hehhehehehe.. Now, 1 by 1..

NurWasilah Muhamad
This little girl named Wasilah, we call her C-lah.. :> Bak kata org " kecil-kecil cili api"!
NurWasilah, meaning that :Cahaya(Nur),Pendekatan diri kepada Allah, kedudukan dan pangkat (Wasilah).
Dia datang dari Penang. Saya dari selatan dia dari tengah! (Penang-kian understand this statement)
C-lah adalah paling tua among us, tapi paling pendek. Oleh sebab umur dia lebih tua daripada kami (w'pun hanya tua bulan) so dia agak mature la from us.. N she is feminin klu nak dibandingkan dgn saya.
Pembekal makanan kampung pada kita org! Pesan saja, mee kuah, kuih raya, mesti sampai, home made lagi! N it is very2 delicious!!!!
One thing about her that always make me laugh is, dia ni takut pada kekumbang dan yg seangkatan dgnnya.
Pernah sekali ada kumbang terlekat pada towelnya time dia mandi, apa lagi, macam nak runtuh satu toilet dia menjerit.. hehehe jgn marah ya...
Kipas-susah-mati Ryeowook( Super Junior) n in de same time main kayu tiga dgn Hee Chul (Super Junior) !
Love u sis! te amor !
أحبك فتاة!

Muna Fatin AB Aznan

Muna Fatin, maksud namanya adalah Cita-cita@keinginan (Muna) , Memikat, menawan dan mempesona (Fatin), senang cakap cantik la!
Dia orang
Perak, duduk kat Lumut! Second older among us. Memang nampak menawan, tetapi berjaga2, dia agak ganas bila mlm mangambang! :>
Dia ni satu kelas dgn saya, so kitaorg agak kamceng la! Katil pun atas bawah. In d middle of the night, saya suka tunjukan muka saya dari atas, kononya nak bt dia terkejut la, tp hampeh.. Dia ni mcm
x tau takut langsung!
Pada guys yg berkenan dkat dia, baik matikan saja niat mu. Sudah berpunya n very loyal!
Even namanya ada maksud kecantikkan n orgnya pun cantik, tetapi dia ada penyakit, penyakit perasan hodoh! Sll suka puji org lain cantik, padahal dia pun cantik! Agak fasih memahami bahasa
One thing about her dat I hate the most, dia TERAMATLAH Susah nak ambil gambar! Huh!!!!
Dia suke terharu x tentu sebab.. :>
Peminat setia
Siwon (Super Junior)!
Ich liebe dich mollig Mädchen!

Nur Syahira Muhamad
Awek KELANTAN, tp orang Bachok! Namanya bermaksud Cahaya (Nur) Mahsyur (Syahira).
The youngest but the tallest n the whitest ! (Ayat Muna! :) )
Ira satu kelas dgn Clah n jiran wasilah disebelah atas katil.... (Ayat apa la ni?)
Ira paling pendiam kot among us, tapi, buat nya
Super Junior @ Your beautiful muncul, dia la yg paling riuh sekali!
Orangnya manis, rajin pulak tu.. Everyday, anytime, dia akan dekat sll dgn buku.
Orangnya amat leman lembut. bersopan santun n x suka ribut2.
Masih tak berpunya. Amat teliti. X lah hu ha mcm saya.
"Cekak,cekak" :> hanya dia yg paham ayat ni!
Peminat setia
Hangeng (Super Junior)
Selalu lepak ngan Clah layan cite Korea! Kipas-susah-mati drama Korea.
Te amor!

Inilah kisah kitaorg.. First time when I step in UiTM , I was very afraid. Saya x tahu macam mana bakal2 kawan2 saya nanti. Selalu tersebar dlm media massa pasal kes bully, I was quite afraid of that situation. Maklumlah, I just in junior year, everthing can happen.
But Alhamdulilah, Allah sent me a very great friends. Saya harap persahabatan kami x akan terkena panahan mata orang! Amin..

...Amigos para siempre....

Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Little Brother...

Hola, I can't sleep last night. So, I spent my night by editing my little brother picture. :

Isn't he's cute?

Is he handsome?

Growing so fast..

Missing him...
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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Special for My girls..

Hola. Me again, couldn't sleep tonight, so I huv mada a video about my girl friends in university.
Is special made for PL1G and PL1H girls.
Hey Girls! U r appreciated! :>
Please watch n hope u enjoy!

Please watch this video untill the final second..

Monday, 4 October 2010

Shh.. Lady's Secret!!!

Hola! Me again! This few days, I'm very tired, and always feel sleepy. Add, my stomach always pain.
Why? U have d answer lady!
Every woman feel afraid of it! Also for those who haven't experience it..
Be calm, period only ma.. What the big deal? Don't let it ruin your activities!! Actually, for those who her period come in a well-ordered, you must be grateful to Allah, because all sort of dirty blood are coming out from your body, and make you feel healthy and be healthy!
Unfortunately, in my case, my period is not be listed as a well-ordered, it just come few time a year, maybe less than six time a year. So, I had faced a lot of problem due to my abnormal period circulation. Example:
First: Pimples everywhere!
on the face!!

on the body as well! (but mine not so worst la!: >)

Second: Dandruff Scalp!!
Euww.. Thanks God, mine not too worst like in dis pic! :>

It make me lost my confidence sometime. I also hope that one day my period circulation will be normal.
Actually, there also a lot of benefits if your period circulation didn't come in a normal ordered!
Know why? I love outdoor activities very much ! So, without period, I'm free to go hiking,camping doing water activity, zero worry!!! I also feel free to wear any colour that I want! White? Not a problem for me! And also, during fasting, Alhamdulilah,I able to fast for 30 days full!! Hahahaha!!!
But, I need to spent quite a cost to overcome my problem cause by d abnormal period circulation.
For those who her period circulation same like me, no need to feel very worry! Relax..
I already ask the professional, my doctor said, it might be our hormones not balance. The time for the hormone to balance for every woman  is different. But if you still feel worry, checked with your doctor.
Also, don't take any medicine to balance your hormone without your doctor advice, because it might cause you to be barren in the future!

Well when it come period, you must be wonder which pad suite you most? Nowadays, there are variety of pad in the shop. You can ask the expert or your mummy or sister in order to buy a correct pad that suit you.
In my case, I prefer Stayfree!! Why?
Love u!!

Because Stayfree have :

  •  Unique 18 Anti- Leak Channels, which is help to direct the flow of fluid into the pad and also help prevent front and back leakage.
  • New Fast-Lock Pockets- it can rapidly absorb fluid to help prevent side leakage!
  • Conttony Soft Cover - it cover delicately smooth and soft to touch for comfortable protection during your period.
  • Washable- pad design that allow easy washing of fluids before disposing!
  • Nice Smell- This part I love the most! Because the strong fragrant smell can cover uneasy smell of your period fluid!
Talk about the washable of the pad, in my religion, there is a need to wash your dirty pad and make sure it blood free before you throw it. We believe that if the pad is not well wash before you throw it, there will be bad spirits such as ghost or etc will lick your pad that will be cause of  many bad things will happen on you! So, watchout!!

Alright, before I found Stayfree, I also use other brand of pad such as:
Whisper-Most expensive among other pad!

Kotex- Have a good design and many type of pad that might suite you!

Carefree- I never use it. But my friend of mine said it's good! You can try it!
There also many type and size of pad that you can found. Here are some direction how to choose a pad that suite you well:

  • For the Light flow, you can have an Ultra-Thin size (19cm+-). It is really thin that you can't really tell either she really wear a pad or not.
  • For the Medium flow, you can have Slim size (23cm+-) or Ultra Thin size.
  • For the Heavy flow, you can have Maxi (23cm+-) or a Slim that designed for heavy flow (27.4cm+-). Stayfree have one! :>

As an advance, you also can choose your pad either it has Wings or not. In my opinion, one who very active or like to move at all times, need wings for extra support to the underwear or panties. But it's up to you!

When it come to the end of the period, the blood that flow out might be just a little bit. So, you no need to wear pad any more. You can replace it with Panty Liner. It light, small in size and easy to bring a long.
Example of panty liner by INTIMATE. Is cool!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Last day in my first Semester...

Well,  last Wedmesday, 29 September 2010, was my last day in first sem in Foundation of Law at UiTM Merbok.
Morning, 9am to 11am, I'm still having war wif my final paper-MTC 016. Alhamdulilah, everything went well..
After exam,I had taken few photo with me friend! Take a look!:

Super Girl :>


New comer beside Wasilah : YANA

Face after having war in d eaxamination hall!!:>
Huh. Miss them...
I hope will b more intresting in sem 2!

Muna Fatin Birthday Party 2010

Hola! It's me again! I'm now at my home, save and sound! I'm now just finish my first sem, n now having a 5 weeks break! Wola! Cool! But sure, I'll b totally boring for the next few weeks! 
Ok, talked abut my exam.. Hehehehe Quite hard, I almost commit sue-site for my CSC subject. Walao, what the hell is Artificial Intelligence? I never heard about that before.. And for sure, I'm quite 'slow' in dis technology subject. Whatever.. But the rest, Alhamdulilah, at least I still know what the questions are asking me although the answer I given might be not correct..  Ok, let bygone, bygone.
Now, what else?
Yap right! Last Saturday, 25 Sept 2010, me n my room mates were going out to celebrate a bday party for Muna Fatin! We had organise a surprise party! Her eye turn red wen I n Ira suddenly appear in the CS KFC with a chocolate cake n candles blow on it.. Hahahaha
Den Wasilah give her the presents( actually 3 gifts!).. Once more, I think she touched... Hahahaha
here are the pic that we had take:
Muna cutting her cake!

Here another pic that showed she in touched:
R u in touched Muna? :>

Main Character : Muna Fatin in her Blue baju Kurung
Side character: Wasilah

Muna 'bribe' Ira..
Clah tumpang sekaki... :>

Well, everyone know who dat sweet green baju kurung girl! :P

Ira, r u plannig to kill someone? Kidding!