Thursday, 31 March 2011

Memoir of Semester 2..

Askum.. As I mentioned in the last post, I'ii upload most of my memories in dis semester..
Here they r... Memories dat never be swept away from my mind..^^

My Class

My classmates

End of Second Semester..

Askum..^^ Alhamdulilah, I had finish my second sem save n sound!!

Sh dah berada di rumah selama 10 hari.. N now, I'm looking for a Part time job.. Ye la.. Kan holiday sampai 2 months, so, kena la cari something dat can make my free time lebih terisi n de MOST IMPORTANT is POKET pun terisi..hahahaha

Well, I guess I have a lot some to share with u all about my 'journey' in dis sem.. 在这短短的五个月里,there are too many scenery created.. N they are well occupied with joy, tears, smile, harsh, hurt, etc.. N in dis 5 months, I not only be tested by the examination and test from d faculty, but too, with the emotional , trustiness, friendship, n not forgotten my heart.. All the scenery happened to fast, even my heart n mind were too rush to interpreted it. I'm too care about all that things until I forget that my self might get hurt with it.^^ Whatever it is, it had taught me to be more mature seen that I already not a child .. :)

So, dis sem for me, is quite special.. Cause it's combined d end of d year 2010 n the beginning of the year 2011.. For year 2010, let me see, wat I'd get... Emm.. ya! My 18th birthday! First time celebrate birthday without mum n dad, let me feel a little bit of upset.. However, Allah had sent me, the wonderful friends who never forget to wish me 'happy Birthday'.. n too they bought me a cake n give me presents too.. Thanks girls! Is very kind of all of u! ;) Right, my class rap for this sem had changed , he is Mr. Muhd Amir Ardzhar.. Show u his pic later!;) N too, I huv few of new classmates dis sem.. they r, Bella, Datuk n Eddy.. I hope I got their pic.. :)

Almost forget to tell, I huv my first time blood donation dis sem, n it is really awesome!  I liked it very much!
Den, 4 year of 2011, I had a law fies which I ady mentioned in d early post.. Ya, I get to know some of new firends tooo in this semester.. Hehehehehe.. I too had a junior for dis sem.. Well, it not officially la.. cause although they r my junior , but they r same age with me.. %)

Remember my roomates? Well, one of them in the journey to get a new fresh love... Wah.. How romantic it will be.. But yes, another 3 of us, need to be ' the bulbs ' when the 2 of them go for a dinner! Anyway, I liked it, I don't mind to be a bulb as long as they don't mind to make me as their bulb! hahahaha Actually, because of my roomate so-called-new-fresh-lover, 4 of us know a new place dat quite economical for a dinner - ONE SHOT aka Sri Layar Tomyam.. Quite a good restaurant, we a friendly services, the price too no so x pensive, worth with the food dat been serve n yes, the most thing I like in dis restaurant is 'KEROPOK IKAN FREE YG BLH DIREFILL BERULANG-ULANG KALI!!!' ^^ (Gila kuat makan!)

N yes.. besides all the joy, there too hiding the tears.. But wat for I mentioned about it? No one wouldnt hear it... I t always be.. Everyone will share the joy, but wen it come to tears, it is hard to find some1 who will stay tuned for u.. I dont care much.. My friends are one of the wonderful gifts that Allah had ever rewarded me.. I'm grateful towards it.. It is common in a friendship to huv a little bit of arguments or misunderstand.. (It is a liitle bit? ;>) But is ok u know.. u will go thru dis thing very fast, n wen u ady go thru it, u wont be remember wen it start.. Just dat, if 1 unfortunate thing happen  in a friendship, dis is not about who right or who wrong, but it is the matter how we gonna fix it, n if we failed to fix it, think about how we gonna going through it..

I know, it will be hurt too much deep inside your heart, wen 1day, or just out of the blue, your closer friend suddenly din't talk to u even a single hi or smile, while u keep figuring out wat xzactly u huv done to her dat make her act such way on u.. N wen u asked her, she give u a reason dat not really make sense. N yet, u know from other about d rumors dat she spreading about u.. U will be totally surprising, n speechless like I did..

Admitted, I am very upset at the beginning.. But then, I realize that, let bygone be bygone.. N as the the sake of our friendship, I knew, she huv her own reason, dat I won't blame her no matter wat.. She my friend after all.. I love her as much as I could tell. (I'm not a lesbian!). One in my lifetime, she is the first girl dat ever be closer to me.. So, the wound, it will be so deep, it might be cure, but the scare, I guess it will remain.. :) Anyway, it's okay.. just a scar, u can cover it up, not a big deal at all.. Cause she is my friend.. :) 

U might feel a little bit down at d beginning, but trust me, Allah knows better than urself does.. (I'm not say dat I am an alim person, but dis is wat I do everytime wen i face a trouble in my life, not only pray to HIM wen u huv trouble but everytime no matter wat it is, dis is wat my mum always tell me. Ingat Allah x kira dlm apa jua keadaan, dan Allah akan ingat kita dlm apa juga keadaan.)Pray to him, InsyaAllah, u will feel a relief.. Although, well, it wouldn't settle 100% of the mess, but it can make u more relaxed.. ;) I learned very much dis time.. see, I told u, d unfortunate things dat happen on u, not all is BAD.. It can make u more mature.. Wen, i'm going thru such thing, i'm not in the position of blaming anyone (although i had thought about it a little bit in the beginning!) , but think back of your mistake that might be the root for the problem (even if u cant figure it out wat u huv done!)...

Sometimes, she might have their own reason to act or become such to u, although u 2 can be categorized as a world closer friends!! ^^ Learn to forgive, n forget, n the most important thing is DO NOT ALWAYS BELIEVE THAT U R RIGHT! (In dis case, i do believe dat I might huv done something wrong, otherwise, she wont act like once.) U might be right for your own view, but how about others? U wont remember wat u had said n done, but people does..

I don't know why, I wrote all this,maybe a i'm a little bit of regretful cause i can't keep dis friendship more tighter den before.. But it is nice to met her. Oh God! I won't keep blaming of her or wat, because she too, had brought me the sweetness in our friendship when we r together.. I learned many girl things from her..  It is too silly of me to throw all the memories with her away, cause it is too priceless.. Although it is just for a while, but it is worth while.. I love you friend.. N only I can say dis to u " I'm sorry if I had done anything dat make u upset on me, I know we wont be like once, but I will be very grateful to know if u forgive me already. I really miss your smile on me.."

Hahahha.. wat a thing I huv wrote.. Wonder wen dis post started to be emotional???? Hahahahhaa
However it is.. I ady learned many things in dis whole semester.. N tooo, wen I faced all these problem, Allah always spare me fews of trusted friends n family at my behind (Although dis time no one of my family has involved, because I dint tell either one of them!:>) .. Alhamdulilah.. See.. Not always bad thing is BAD.. Every1 should learn dis... So, it will be no more commit susite thing happen! :)

All these lessons will guide me in my future journey on become a human. Well, I guess I already wrote about all things that I want t share with u guys.. For the end, I'm looking forward for next sem! See ya!

p/s: It would be the next post dat I will put on my dis sem photo!:)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My second sem lecturers..

A little bit of introduction about dis sem.. This sem,I think a little bit shorter compared to last sem.. At least, I feel so. ;) Ok, Same as last sem, this sem has 5 subjects too, but, the interesting thing is, we learn 5 subjects, but we only take 4 subjects for final.. HAHAHAHAHAHA wasn't it great????? The subjects are :
  • BEL 260 -  Preparation for MUET
  • BEL 313 - Critical Thinking
  • MTC 037 - Introduction to Law 2
  • MTC 038 - Library Processing Skills
  • MTC 039 - Introduction to Psychology
Preparation for MUET, this subject quite cool. I love the part when we need to talk or give out speech in front of other.. N we too have debate. Like the politician style.. Den the class will full of wakil-wakli rakyat n so on.. The lecturer for this subject is soo cute.. Her name is Ms Siti Yusrina If i'm not mistaken, she is kind of fresh graduate... However, we r quite noisy in her class, n once, we had made she upset.. But now, everything already alright..Thanks 4 de Rat Rase Ms!! Love u miss!!!

Critical Thinking, this subject, well it ady mentioned in the subject name the word of CRITICAL.. it is really critical.. not only in thinking, but during its assignment too.. Made all of us CRITICALLY suffering... Aduiiii...
Finally, we got a SR for this subject.. His name is Sr Azrul.. But, sometimes, actually most of the time, we r really enjoy in dis subject.. (Although its assignments were really fix n HELL hard!!) We have debate la.. our country planning presentation la.. n etc.. N too.. How I could 4get? The Wall-E movie! ^^ Quite bored at the beginning, but then, it really interesting!! N the best tbig ever, THERE IS NO FINAL EXAM for dis subject!!! U rock Sr!!! 

Introduction to Law 2, is the second elder in de subject of Introduction to Law.. Thanks to Allah, I no need to memories lots of scholar views in dis subject! But, I still need to remember the sections, the courts and anything that related to Malaysia Legal System. Actually, I love dis subject as much as I could tell.. Unfortunately, it didn't love me back.. So of unrequited love.. huh.. No matter how much attention dat I pay , I still couldn't score dis subject like what I target,. Adui.. Maybe I'm too much confident of it.. Tu la.... Bangga sgt! ye ke? ada ke> ;p  Lupa pulak.. Nama Lecturer is Sr Zulhelmi, he also our coordinator.(Actually I always confuse about Sr Azrul n Sr Zul! ;>) Anyway.. We no need to do any presentation in dis subject, BUT, be careful with the tutorial class, Sr like to ask any body that he like ( referring to the name list, cause he has quite 'a' memory to memorize all of name!:>) about anything that he had taught n, the answer must be wat u understand base on things dat he ady taught! no slide allow! ^^  Nice to know u sr!!

Library Processing skills, Mdm Mazrah is the so called 'Head' of dis subject.. ala lecturer la tu..^^
Subject ni, u will learn all things about Library.. From the basis to d advance level.. Honestly, at the beginning , I'm asking my self, 'Wat the heck is library with law?' (Same case wif last sem CSC! ;>) Kata org, x kenal, maka x cinta, they right.. After a few classes, I really enjoy dis subject, not only with the subject, but the lecturer tooo.. She soo full with sense of humor.. She won't let the word of boring appear in our mind.. This subject had taught me to maximize the use of library apart of just searching for a new novel.... =>
This subject assignment is the longest assignment that I ever write... But still, I love it!Bravo Mdm!!

Introduction to Psychology, guess who is the lecturer? Trennn tennnnn tennnn.. Ms Salmah Roslim! wuu.. I liked! Psychology it is really made us PSYCHO, tambah2 nak dekat final... Just that, Psyco ni x di sent ke Tanjung Rambutan, Tampoi or yg sewaktu dengannya!^^ I learn many things dat I thought unimportant in dis subject.. It is really not expectable that every single thing that happen in our daily life can be interpreted through psychology.. wAO... It just sooo cool../ N tooo, its assignment also coool...= =  Anyway, u r really COOL Ms!!!!

This is the picture of my lecturers..

Amacam? Cantik x lecturers sy? Handsome x lecturers sy?^^

For those lecturers who had taught me, thank you very much.. I've been very grateful to meet with all of u... May Allah always bless all of u.. Amin..

No, I'll pray for my result... aduii.. harap.. ok la... That's all abou my this sem lecturers. bye..bye..

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Budak2 zman skrg......

Askum.. Here me again!!
4 u all information, skrg I'm at home, tgh cuti setudy week.. Eleh.. study la sgt kan... So wat ever! Anyway, Im here 2nite not to talk about me! Sh ada bda yg lg mencabar utk dibacarakan.. cewah..

Talk about budak2 zaman2 skrg, apa yg berlaku td, make me realize something. 'How updated kids nowadays..'

Alkisah dia mcm ni. B4 I come back from de oliday, I make a promise with my little bro 2 bring him ride RAPID BAS( u huv NO IDEA how my little bro love to ride a bus is!) .

So, dah naik bas kan? x kan naik je, mestilah nak drop kat somewhere else, so, we all choose a new opened KFC dkat dlm area daerah kitaorg gak..

B4 nak keluar petang td, tgh siap2, suddenly I heard my bro shout, ' Mak, I want my BUM!!'

Ingat salah dgr, rupa2nya betu la.. dia nak sandal BUM dia. I just like, 'wat? A 3 year old kid require 4 a BUM?' Aduh.. kakak dia first pakai BUM pun time standard 4 or 5.. mcm gitu lah.. but my bro, br 3 tahun, dah pandai nak demand BUM.. bukanya org kaya pun..
Sh tnya la mak' Is he know xzactly de brand dat he wear?' Mak hanya membalas' x caya, test him'

Sh pun tnya la.. ' Aizat, wat singlet dat u wear?'
he answered me' Along, cant u see the logo? KIKO lah..'

1 more time' Aizat, no need to wear BUM, just wear sliper la.' (KFC je pun kan?;p)
he said ' dont want sliper, no body wear transformer now.'
wat? dia sedar x sliper dia tu, even mcm sliper jepun, but de price2 is doubled compare 2 my sliper'! Transformer pun kan..

So, conclusion, budak2 zaman skrg, amat celik fashion ya.
Even, me ady 19 pun, masih keliru antara original n china made..
Act, dis is not the thing dat we should be proud of our nowdays kids.. WEll, if u come from such a rich family, mayb dis is great.. But bg famil yg sederhana, dis thing x payah lah.. Lg celik fashion bebudak, lg teruk mak n ayah dibuatnya.. But my bro, ntah le, mana dia belajar semua tu.. Just 3 year old, n know ady how to differentiate brand..

Ye la, zaman skrg, tv ad, internet ada, kids skrg kan lebih maju if compared from our 90's batch..^^

Datz all.. bye..bye..