Thursday, 27 October 2011

End of Third Semester..


Huh.. long time no update liao.. I'm home now, almost a month already..
So, is the end of my third a.k.a final (hope so...) semester in UiTM Merbok for my PRE- LAW PROGRAM
(KPL 1005)

Wat suppose i said.. I'm not really finish this semester save n sound like I did wen I was in SEM 2.. However, many things dat not really going well in the second semester were better in this last sem. Syukur Alhamdulilah, Praise to Allah 4 everything.

For sure, I'm really sad wen the last day had arrive n my sadness was more worst wen I met with the killer on my last day. Well, I guest my last day should be running well u know, however the killer paper had ruin everything. So, I am thinking whether I'm sad for leaving or I'm sad of afraid to be coming again to the UiTM for paper repetition? I am CONFUSING........

Wat should I said, well of course, the blame is on me.. I not doing a WELL PREPARATION for the LAW 3 PAPER.. So, that's y I feel very terrible, horrible n vegetable once I set my foot out of the examination class.. But Sarah never give up right? hahahaha, I suppose I ady write
 every single thing I know on the answer sheet, including the questions. Is not that I seek for the xtra mark or to show off i am a hardworking candidate or want to impresss the question marker, is just that 2 hour time is tooo long for a paper like dat ( due to my IQ condition ;p) so, dats y, I copy back the question also in my answer sheet!^^

p/s: try to twisted the fact that she absolutely donno wat suppose to be wrote as the answer, ;)

ok,  is my fault. let the past flow.. cool down, everything gonna be alright!^^

well,well.. for my last day, I went home without noticed my every closer friends.( well, xcept my roomates =>.) I afraid that, I will start to sobbing wen I said the final gooooodbye.. or I suppose to said ' se ya later?" hmmm.. wondering.. ;p

Pictures? Is so sad.. we dont have the final gather picture. I donno wat happen with de photographer that suppose to snap the the class pic every end of semester. the team dint show up dis time. bad luck..

Lecturers? Ok , bolehlah... ^^ Honestly, I not really enjoy my dis sem BEL subjects (both BEL) dis semester, I wondering whether i the one who have problem with the subjects or the subjects have the problems with me? Hmm.. wondering..

However, I really pay attention to my dis sem law 3 subjects ( so, thats y im really frustrated wen i answer the paper like i never learn anything from the subject !) although i dint do may exercises on the law 3. I s not that I dint study for the paper, my mistake was that, I focus sooo much on the spot question n in the end, there was not even a single spot title appear in the question paper. wat can be  more tragic den dis? hmm.. wondering...

But, is just like blessing in disguise wen I still have 2 more subjects that I really enjoy in the CLASS. my Global n Economic subjects. I must admit that the classes were really enjoyable! It is very very happening. As for Law subjects , the class environment were moderate for all 3 semester. Not so bored, not so fun, after all , is LAW we talking about right? but then, I gain many information from all 3 classes of law subjects. Global for me, y I fell interesting, because the subject is boarderless, any opinion accepted, no law or any act binding on top of it. Speak wat is from your heart n your mind. As for economic, the lecturer , I like the way she teach us, really like wen we was in high school. Sebijik-sebijik mdm xplain kat kitaorg, x termasuk lg dgn lukisan2 di white board. haih.... best kot... xcept the calculation of course n yeah, the formula. it make  me remind back to my dear ADD MATH.. oh no...

After almost a month I rest a home, actually i am in the process of finding a part time job. Hope me luck!
see ya! bye bye!^^