Sunday, 13 February 2011

UiTM Merbok - Law Fies ^^

Askum!!! Voila!!
Huh.. wat a week… I’m be going thru a very very hard and tough!
I get a bunch of assignment to finish up, 2 testes and a ceremony plus a competition to handle…

Adui…. I’m going to be insane wif those tasks.. I’m still struggle finishing my BEL 313 article right now, but suddenly, I feel like to write about my week on my blog.
I admitted, it is really a hard week.. Everything seen to be out of control..
My university PRE LAW CLUB huv organize a Law Fies, which is each class should take part, especially part two students which is I am one of it!!!

Hate it very much at first, because the activity had kill my weekend, my sleep time and etc!! But then, wen I ,ya, take part secara terpaksa, I feel dat, it’s not too bad like wat I figure before..

Ok lah juga.. Wpun, we huv a little bit of conflict wif our partner , but den, everything still run well.
I’m not actually involve totally in the exhibition of my boot… I just prepare information n materials before de was open. Because on dat 2 days, I was in charged in de DJ Booth, as a DJ of course!!

Well, I actually help a friend because he or she can’t perform de task bcause of certain reason. I thought the replacement just for a few hour, but it continue for two days.. N I really enjoy it very much, it just like years since de last time I hold de mic! ;p

I’m not regret to wen to de Exhibition although I haven’t settled my assignments yet, n it will cost me to burn my midnight oil to settle them. Because I met many new friends there, n it make change my perception towards a few things. N it also changed my impression towards particular person dat I thought they r bad before..^^

Den, diakhir2 rancangan, there was a guy be my partner as a DJ in lucky draw section. Honestly, I can’t remember his face actually, d only thing dat I know about him was his name –ZUL.
I like to corporate wif him. He is so spontaneous n humble, I like to see his style, n I think, maybe wif more practice, he can b a gud DJ.

So, I told my roommates about dis guy. Suddenly day shout n said ‘ tu HiCom la!’ I just like ‘HAA???, betul ke?” honestly I don’t know who is my HiCom, cause I seldom go to de meeting n so whatever.. Cause it is so crowded, didn’t suite me.. Yew… They ask me to describe more about dis guy.. Honestly I cant figure anything out about dis guy , well xcept his name n his body figure.. Because his body figure quite same with a boy friend of mine. But if u ask me to show u which one is him, den I give up!! I really forget how his looked like. Furthermore, I don’t think, we talk about de same person..

U know, a HiCom won’t act like dis guy. He is sooooo common.. Just like us.. So, the conclusion is. De guy dat I met n de guy dat my roommates were really going crazy about is absolutely is a wrong person. They said he’s handsome, but I dindt realize it at all, although I was wif him in de ceremony.. Actually it is important to know? Who care if he handsome or beautiful or so whatever.. Because after dis evening, we won’t meet anymore, n I don’t think I should memorize his face. But honestly, as a partner, I like his style in conducting de lucky draw ceremony just now. Good job buddy!^^

N of de story about de guy. I want to thanks my supervisor aka guardian of de sound system for guiding me, arrange de PA system n treat me a lunch – Fried Chicken Rice. He is Mr Imran Sheikh. My friend who give me dis opportunity to bla bla bla at d booth –Ms Hazirah. My friend Alan who treat me a bottle of mineral water, n Afifah, she treats me wif a muffin. Only god know how hungry it is to b a DJ!^^ But I still like it! Hahaha.. N de last ut not least my class PL 2G n our cooperator PL 2H, u guys great, n congrats 4 winning de 3rd prize! Lina Joy case ROCKS!!;p

That’s all from me.. see ya next time.. bye..bye..^^

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Water4 TImes!!!

Askum.. Hola!

Last Friday (也是初二), my family n I went out for a picnic...
I have been like forever since our last picnic 2gether..^^ 
Mmg best, sbb dah lama x pergi kan? Anyway, location nya x la jauh sgt, cuma negeri jiran je.. Air Puteh Junjung, Kulim, Kedah.

Even though, assignment tgh berlambak, but anyhow, ok lah! Family punya pasal kan?? ^^
Tp mmg x rugi tinggalkan assignment demi family picnic, cause it is really WORTH!!
Normally, ayah, mak, angah, semua sibuk dgn kegiatan masing2, Sarah pun, bukan selalu dpt cuti.. So, once bila dah ada peluang, apa lagi nak tunggu?? ^^

Actually my family prefer dis kind of place if compare dgn shopping mall or any entertainment place utk luangkan masa bersama2..
Mak n ayah pecinta alam (Lebih2 lg my dad la kan!) Sh n adik2 pun suka jugak, wpun x secara total sgt kan.. ala, teenagers pun,,;>

Somehow, tempat2 mcm ni mmg best.. x bising sgt.. semua natural ja.. Nothing to rush on.. It is peace in dis type of place.. Ya, cant agree more.. I really like dis type of place..

Well, I prefer Waterfalls than Beach actually.. y????
Secret! =)

Here, fews pictures yg sempat disnapkan oleh me n mak..

me mum n bro

my dad.. dah nampak mcm supervisor hutan dah.. sorry ayah..^^

i love him very much!!

he's my soul..

me bro prasctising his judo on me..^^

just de perfect three =>

he's sleepy

n tired too, so he..

fall to sleep.. in de stand poction..=)

 That's all.. Hope we can go to another picnic next time.. Love u guys very very nuch!!!